We would like to apologize, if this guide is not well written because we need to launch our website ASAP to help others during this trying times by giving them a Platform. We will only focus on the Fundraising Platform for now and update the other Platforms later in this Page. CAREIFY can be used by Individuals and Organizations to power your Fund Drives.

Fundraising Platform

Social Network Platform

eCommerce Platform

How to Publish a Fundraising Drive?

1. Register using the My Account link. We recommend to use Gmail for registration which you can use to upload YouTube videos and many more.

2. After Registration update your Profile name (First & Last Name). Your CAREIFY Profile will be linked to your Fund Drive using the Connect to Fundraiser button. Our simple social network can do public and private message, publish updates and activities, comment in blogs and Fund Drives, add Friends and Groups, etc.

3. Upload your latest Profile Picture. Note: We are limiting the the size of photo to 400 x 400 pixels and file size to 100KB. We suggest to save your photo using jpeg to reduce the size.

4. Open your Gmail account to receive the Account verification and read the links provided in the message.

1. Take a photo of 1 Valid ID and prepare photos that you will use in the Fund Drive. The Valid ID will not be published and used for qualification purposes only. You need to prepare at least 2 Photos with 600 x 600 pixels using jpeg format that will be published in your Fund Drive as a Slider.

Here are the list of Valid IDs we collect to become a Qualified Fundraiser:

  • Business Permit
  • DTI Permit
  • Driver License
  • Government ID
  • OFW ID
  • Passport
  • Postal ID
  • Professional License
  • Senior Citizen ID
  • SEC Permit
  • SSS ID
  • Unified Multi-Purpose

2. Write a Great Fundraising Drive using the form we provide. Here are the necessary parts of your Fundraising post.

2.1. Fund Drive Title

2.2. Subtitle (brief description of Fund drive)

2.3. Short Summary or Purpose of the Fund Drive (must be 1 sentence only)

2.4. In the Details Section:

  • Story
  • Video (Optional but recommended, just give the YouTube URL of your video)
  • Parting Message

2.5. In the FAQs Section (Optional, usually for Business use)

  • Frequently Asked Questions

2.6. Other Modes of Payment Section (you must provide at least one but for Donor’s convenience it is best to activate all the modes of payment)

  • Paypal email account
  • Provide Details for Direct Money Transfer (Agency, Name, Address & Mobile)
  • Provide Details for Bank Transfer (Bank, Name, Account Number, Swift Code)

2.7. In the Validation Section

You must provide below list together with additional documents and photos to validate your story.

  • Fundraiser Name or Organization Name
  • Mobile or Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Valid ID Type
  • Valid ID Number
  • Age
  • Complete Address
  • Website or Facebook (optional)
  • List of other documents you submit to validate your story (example: medical certificate, employment certificate, hospital bill, death certificate, etc.)

No worries, only Fundraiser Name, Contact Number and  Valid ID Type will be published in the website. The other data and proof you submit will be used for validation purposes only and securely kept.

2.8. In the Categories Filter

  • Fundraising Category
  • Fundraising Type (Fixed or Recurrent)
  • Fundraiser Country
  • Fundraiser Type (Individual or Organization)

Below is an example of a Fund Drive in our website which activated all the Fundraising features.

Support the CAREIFY Social Fundraising Platform

Below is a Downloadable Fundraising Form to make a Fund drive.

CAREIFY Fundraising Form

3. Send thru email your Fund Drive, Slider Photos, photo of 1 valid ID and other documents to prove your Story.  Please do not attach the photos and documents to the Fund Drive Form so that we can publish your post faster. You can send them in the following email:

[email protected]

[email protected]

  1. Using your CAREIFY account you must check regularly if someone send message regarding your Fund Drive.
  2. You can add Friends, Donors and Groups to increase your CAREIFY network. Please join CAREIFY Social Fundraising Users Group to keep yourself updated.
  3. You must use all forms of Social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to share your Fund Drive and increase your Network of Friends and Supporters.

Rest assure that we will do our best to improve our platform especially the Social Network and content to serve you better. That’s all for now and God Bless in your Fundraising Drive! 

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