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CAREFY was build to boost the Revenue of your Plant Business by selling together with all the related Goods while doing it Safely and Conveniently.
Read the Tips below and visit the Vendor Information Center to maximize the potential of your Business at CAREFY and enjoy a hassle-free experience.

Tips to Ensure Approval of your Store & Plant Listing

1. Ensure that your Plant Category exists and if not Contact us to inquire before setting up your Store. Here are the available Plant categories:
a. Aquatic b. Bonsai c. Cactus & Succulent d. Climbing & Hanging e. Fern f. Flower g. Grass h. Herb i. Mushroom j. Palm k. Seed

2. Ensure you have the Prerequisites and Business Permit before Registering as a Vendor at CAREFY. Follow the Store Set up and Delivery Procedures religiously.

3. Follow the procedure of the Plants Demo Listing that can be configured the same way as your Listing. Make sure you follow the required configurations so that your listing will function properly.

4. Ensure you use the Required Size of Photos for your Store and Plant Listing:

For the Images Size at your Store:
a. Store Logo: 350 x 350 pixels
b. Store Banner: 1350 x 300 pixels
c. Facebook Banner: 700 x 370 pixels

For the Images Size at your Plant Listing:
a. Plant Gallery: 800 x 800 pixels

5. For the Plant Listing do not Add Image in the Short Description and Descriptions. All Images must be uploaded in the Photo Gallery only.

6. Do not reupload the same Image for your listing. If you need to reuse the Image, click the Media Gallery tab after you click the Image thumbnail to view all your uploaded images.

Media Library

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Tips to Boost Sales in your Store

1. Verify your Store to show a Verified Vendor badge in your Store and all the plant listing. Requirements to become a Verified Vendor are:
1. Business Website using own domain. 2. Registered email using the business domain name (change your email in My Account). 3. Social Media Pages linked to the Vendor Store. 4. Photo of Valid ID of the Registered Owner. 5. DTI, SEC or BIR Permit (PDF or Image).
Once all requirements are complete, visit Vendor Verification by clicking Dashboard > Setting > Verification button and upload all the requirements.

Vendor Verification

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2. Content is King, ensure Quality Content for your store and plant listing. Your content must be unique, simple, informative and interesting so that buyers will revisit your store.

3. Do not exaggerate, publish clear specifications and deliverables to a avoid Dispute and Refund.

4. In the Plant Description, use YouTube video to clearly explain and advertise your product and Channel. To add video, click the Add Media button > click Insert from URL > Copy & Paste the URL of the Video to the form.

YouTube Video

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5. To ensure Responsiveness, you must Activate Store Hours to operate only during your Physical Store operating hours.
You must install the Gmail or MS Outlook App (using company email) in your phone and connect your vendor’s registered email to receive notifications about your store. You only need to login to the Store when posting items and updating orders because all other transactions and inquiries can be handled thru Email using the Apps.

6. Increase Google and Bing Search ranking by implementing Search Engine Optimization in your Store, Listing and Photos. For the Store and Listing, ensure to fill out the Title and Meta Description (156 character limit). Use 1 to 2 Focus keyword in the Title, Description and Content. The meta description is your short sales pitch to ensure that your customer will click your website as it appear during search. For the Image, ensure to fill out the Title and Alt Text during uploading.

7. Offer Sales on your Listing and Vendor Coupons to boost Sales. Only offer them on Few Items so that it will not feel like a Trick and your hiding the real price of your Item. To set up a Coupon (click Dashboard > Coupon > Add new button), choose the Discount Type, check Show on Store, set Expiry date and fill out the fields that are applicable to your Promo. Be careful on creating a Promo, read the description of the fields and test your coupon in the Cart.

Vendor Coupons

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Vendor Safety & Protection

CAREFY is the most Secure Platform with A+ Security. We are using Multi-layer Protection in our Websites, Server and CDN, such as Encryption, Firewall, DDOS Mitigation, Malware & Virus Scanner, Spam & Brute Force Protection, etc.. However, there is no Perfect Security and breaches occur mostly due to Human error, read below to ensure your utmost Protection.

  1. Use Strong Passwords when Registering an account. The password should be at least twelve characters long. To make it stronger, use upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols. Use the indicator in our Registration Form.
  2. Use email as username for Registration and Login for extra security because your name is easy to obtain.
  3. Keep your email private. Never publish your email in Social Media, Websites, etc.. to avoid Phishing and Spam.
  4. Never update or share your account details outside of the platform you subscribed.
  5. Beware of Phishing and Spam who pretends to be CAREFY. These are the things we do and if someone is doing differently, Contact us or the Government Agencies.
  • We never send Newsletter to offer promos or email to update your CAREFY account.
  • We only allow updating of your accounts in our platform.
  • We never collect any credit card and password of our Vendors.
  • We collect email, name, address, business information, bank account name and number of our Vendors to send Payments online and process your vendor application.
  • We only use our official domain i.e. name@carefy.ph to send email with regards to your transactions and order. Any email not using our domain is Fake.

We will regularly update this page to improve your Sales.
Last Updated: April 15, 2021

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